Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Regaining a focus

I think a lot of us deal with a time where we have to sit back and think about some of the things that we have on our to do list. I know that is something that I try and do at least once a month to ensure that things are getting done that need to get done and that things that are no longer necessary can be removed from the list.

Another thing that needs to be done every once in a while is to look at the different things that you have thought about doing and seeing if they are still things that you want to do. As someone that crafts I find that there are times that I need to go through some of my craft projects and decide if they are going to be worked on or if it’s time to say no and either get rid of the project or put the material back into my stash so that I can use it for something else. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes to look at the projects and make these decisions but you have to remember that realizing that you aren’t going to finish something does help. It gets one thing off the list of things that you are going to do and then you have more time to do the things that you really want to do.

There are going to be times when you do the review of your things and you just put everything back because they are all things you are going to work on at some point. Being able to figure out if you are gong to work on something or not can take some time so this needs to be done when you have a bit of time to actually focus on the task and not feel like you are rushing through it.

After you have done the cleaning up of either your to do list or your projects you will be able to sit back and see what is important and move forward on them. There is still the risk that things on your to do list or your projects won’t get done but at least you may have your list a little more under control which is the main thing.

Regaining a focus is very important from time to time. It can help you get back to what is important and what needs to get done rather than working on things that really aren’t important and can either wait for a while or don’t need to be done. Once your focus has been regained it is time to get back to doing the things that you need to do and don’t worry about those things that you decided aren’t important any longer.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Escaping the normal routine

I think everyone needs a break and an escape from the normal routine. For some people it can be as simple as changing up the routine for a day. For others it might mean taking a vacation away from home.

An escape for me depends on a lot of things and sometimes it can be as simple as finding a different place to write for a couple of hours. Some escapes can even be as simple as going to a hotel across the city from home for a couple of nights. Other escapes can be doing to Niagara Falls for a long weekend and being a tourist. Sure Niagara Falls can be very busy in the summer but off season it can be a wonderful place to enjoy yourself.

Any escape no matter what you do can make such a difference. It is a means of recharging your personal battery and forgetting about some of the pressures and stress of the normal routine. Being able to forget the things that you can’t do for a couple of days can make such a difference to have you handle things when you get back to your normal routine.

Being able to figure out what works as an escape for you can make such a difference. Knowing what is important to you and what you need in your escape can help a lot. For me, one of the things that I have to do is not over plan my escape. I need to know that the schedule I have for the escape is extremely flexible.

An escape no matter how long it is does come to an end but at least it has been an escape from the normal routine. When you get back to your normal routine things are still going to be there from before you left but at least they may not seem as difficult or overwhelming.

Escaping the normal routine is very important to everyone. Your escape can be different each time or it can be the same but at least it is an escape and that’s what is important.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


There are times that the media just seems to talk about a story or an accident just to much. I understand that the public needs to hear the details so they are comfortable and feel safe again but then it is the number of times that the same details are told.

With the media the stories that are told over and over again are the murder and major accidents but the nice feel good stories are quickly mentioned and then seem to be forgotten. It would be nice if we could get a better blend on the stories. There hare times when it seems that there is nothing good going on in the world but when you check online there is a lot of good happening but it just doesn’t get the mention through the media. I have heard that the media feels that they need good stories to talk about and I feel like a good story is something that isn’t happy it is something bad.

Lately there has been some murders or homicides in the area that seem to be the main thing that has been talked about on the news. Besides that there is now all the public figures that are being accused of sexual misconduct. These are the stores that we are hearing over and over again and they seem to never end.

I understand that people need to know what is going on in their area and if there is a situation that may cause some harm to them but it is the constant repeating of the same information day after day. If there was something new in one of the cases then fine talk about the new information but please don’t show the same tapes that you have shown over the last few days. With the internet now a days if someone has missed something and wants to find out about it they can easily look it up online and get the information that they have missed.

When the media starts repeating the story too many times that is when I turn off the television and find something else to do that I enjoy. Sure we need to hear what is going on in the world but it would be nice to see some of the feeling good stories just a little more often.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Misplaced and expired stickers

Per Service Ontario – where to put your license plate sticker

While sitting in traffic have you noticed the number of expired license plate stickers you see? I have noticed that so people don’t seem to notice or care that they are driving a vehicle where the sticker on the plates have expired. As a drive it is your responsibility to ensure that your license plate is up to date. I don’t know how many times we have been sitting at a stop light and have noticed that the car ahead of us has an expired sticker.

The other thing you notice is that at least in Ontario your sticker for a personal vehicle is suppose to be in the upper right hand corner of the plate. I think I have seen stickers in every area of the plate which is a ticketable offense. It is amazing to see how often the renewal sticker is put in a different location on the license plate and people think that this is allowed. The renewal sticker has a spot on the license plate and that is where each sticker is to be placed.

When you are sitting in traffic look at the different license plates around you and you can see lots of problems with the various license plates.

Another thing to notice is the condition of the back license plate on vehicles. Some plates look like thy have been really bad day but the front plate is in mint condition. It really makes you wonder if people are tampering with their license plates making them hard to read from behind. This is an issue when you are trying to report a vehicle for breaking the law or even for some of the toll highways to read the license plates. One thing I have noticed is in some cases people have changed the front and back place because of the condition but they have forgotten that the renewal sticker is on the plate that is now on the front of a car which is again wrong. Commercial vehicles have their stickers on the front of the vehicle but not regular passenger cars.

Yes misplaced and expired stickers can make for an interesting trip when you are in a car because just looking at the different locations of the stickers and the different lengths of expired stickers can be interesting. Recently there was one person on twitter ask why she got a ticket when she was parked. In her tweet she included a picture of her license plate and I noticed that the sticker looked like it had a Sept 2017 renewal date and the picture was taken in January 2018. I guess that is a good reason to get a ticket because the ticket was for not displaying a current license, she may have renewed the sticker but hadn’t put it on the vehicle.

When you renewal your license plate sticker remember to put it on as soon as you get it and also remember to put it in the correct location as explained right on the paper you get the sticker on.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I hear too much

There are days when I wish I could turn my hearing down because I hear way too much. I am one of those individuals that has exceptional hearing and it makes for times when I just want to hide form the world and not hearing anything.

When I say exceptional hearing I mean that I can hear a lot of those high pitched sounds that most people can’t here at all. Yes, those high listening sounds are things that I can hear all the time and it can get to me. It can be a challenge sometimes to ignore a sound when it gets too loud for me. There are also times when I can hear way too much when people are talking around me and conversations seem to overwhelm me and that doesn’t help either.

Imagine sitting in a room with a bunch of people and being able to hear parts of a bunch of the conversations even when you are not part of the conversation. That is what I deal with and it can frustrated because it means that things that I can normally focus on can become a challenge in different environments. The conversations can get to the point that I can’t even focus on the conversation that I am having because the other voices are just too loud or at a tone that gets to me.

I am not the only one that deals with this as my nephew has the same issues and it can be a challenge when we are together. We both hear the different sounds and it means that we are running around trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. We had one time that the two of us were trying to figure out a sound that we could hear and not one else could hear until we discovered it was a spider sensor that my parents had in the kitchen. What this sensor did was to let out a high pitched sound to keep spiders away. It now gets unplugged when we are over so that we can both manage things better.

Having good hearing can be a great thing and then it can be something that can also be an issue. When someone says to you that they can hear too much believe them because they are probably telling you that sounds that you can’t hear that they can hear and something is starting to get to them.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Don't bully me

How many times have you encountered someone that seems to want to control you and only their option matters.

I have been dealing with someone that is like that and I think I may have finally got the person to understand that I don’t want to listen to her anymore. It can always been a challenge on how to tell someone to stop their behaviour. This person has her opinion on things and it doesn’t matter what I have said she doesn’t agree with me and she always has a habit of putting people down. This person is a cross-stitcher that I still at some events and her general attitude is that she knows how to do everything and everyone should listen to her no matter what.

Well I have quite often stated my opinion and didn’t care what she said about it. I felt that I had my opinion and I could state it and if she didn’t like it at least give me the reason why she didn’t agree. Her answer was always just I was wrong and she wouldn’t explain why. Now this week I was working on something and looked over to someone else’s work and she didn’t seem to be too happy with my facial expression. It wasn’t her work so she really shouldn’t have cared. She commented that I was pouting and why was I pouting. I know that I was thinking through someone when I looked over so I may not have had a huge smile on my face but who cared. I finally looked at her and said “Shut up and it isn’t your business”. The girl who’s work I was looking at handed me her work so I could have a closer look because it interested me. Once again this other person had to put her comment in and this time it was, “Oh, that’s better now you are really smiling.” I immediately looked at her said said “Who cares and you just need to mind your own business and I have had enough of your stupid comments.”

Being able to stand up to a bully is something that can be hard and then there are times you just have to put your foot down and see how things go. I hope that I have been able to show this person that she needed to stop her behaviour because how she says things can be hurtful sometimes and other times it just seems that she needed to look important.

Monday, January 8, 2018

2017 goal review and 2018 goals

It is that time of year again when I try and look at the goals that I set a year ago and see how I did and then try and set some goals for this year.

2017 Goals

1. Blog a minimum of 4 times a month – was able to get that completed, it was just 4 some months but at least it was achieved.
2. Get DLK Life website updated and keep it updated. - work in progress
3. Keep home office organized – getting a lot better with this
4. Write more for Konecny Consulting and DLK Life – work in progress

Extra things that I did achieved
1. Passed my CompTIA Project+ exam
2. Achieved my Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB)
3. Opened an ETSY store which wasn’t something I had thought about in early 2017.

2018 Goals

1. Blog a minimum of 4 times a month
2. Get DLK Life website updated and keep it updated.
3. Keep home office organized
4. Write more for Konecny Consulting and DLK Life

I am not sure what 2018 has in store but I know that I am going to be working on my writing as much as I can and will see what happens with it. I continue to have some personal goals that I want to achieve but again I will not post them on my blog. I also want to continue to work on getting some more things up on ETSY and see how that project goes.